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Principle of Structural Formation of Spray-gummed Cotton

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Principle of Structural Formation of Spray-gummed Cotton

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The principle of the structure formation of spray-bonded cotton in spray-bonded cotton manufacturers is to spray the adhesive on both sides of the fluffy fiber layer. Because of the pressure during spraying and the suction effect of the lower vacuum suction, the adhesive can also be infiltrated into the inner of the fiber layer. After spraying the adhesive, the fiber layer is dried and cured, so that the junctions between the fibers are bonded, but not bonded to each other. There is still a considerable degree of freedom for the fibers to be joined. At the same time, there are still many voids in the three-dimensional network structure. Therefore, the fibrous layer has a porous, high fluffy warming effect. Causes of warmth

Because the spraying cotton is sprayed, not impregnated with adhesives, and after spraying no longer under pressure of extrusion and curing. Therefore, in the bonding state of fibers, most of the intersection contacts, and less agglomeration by the binder bridge, which makes the sprayed cotton can keep loose, soft and warm. 1) Cotton yarn specifications and quality: Hard cotton mattress decoration has sound absorption, heat insulation, and solid material, elasticity, toughness, wear resistance, impact resistance, tear resistance, wide width (3000mm).

The fire-proof performance of hard cotton mattress is very important in public gathering places such as cinemas, dance halls, auditoriums, multi-functional halls, gymnasiums and so on. The fire-proof performance of sound-proof cotton is B1 level according to the national building material standard (the burning performance classification of decoration materials: A is non-flammable material; B1 is non-flammable material; B2 is flammable material; B3 is flammable material; B1 is flammable material; B1 is flammable material Spraying cotton manufacturer materials. This is classified according to the oxygen index. Examples can be found in the Code for Fire Prevention of Interior Decoration Design of Buildings. The standard of sound insulation meets the first-class sound insulation. The flame-retardant and sound-proof rigid cotton mattress produced by our company can meet the requirements of the national fire protection standard and the national standard of sound insulation. Examples of spray-gum cotton factories: the conference room of Beijing Central Television Station is used for sound insulation.

1. Hard cotton mattress because of its light material and light sound insulation material, bonding hard cotton mattress to gypsum board, calcium silicate and other light materials can improve the resonance frequency of the material, make its sound insulation performance greatly improved, overcome the contradiction between light material and good sound insulation.

Bedding: This product is environmentally friendly and glue-free after high temperature stereotyping and sterilization. It has compact structure, smooth and white color, no odor, soft, good permeability, good elasticity, high tensile strength, long-term deformation, no aging, anti-static, water-washing and no water absorption. It has the functions of moisture-proof, moth-proof, mildew-proof, comfortable and anti-bacterial. Long-term use, fiber cotton is still loose and soft and rich in good rebound. And it does not include responsibility.

Spray-gum cotton manufacturer

What toxic chemical ingredients (such as formaldehyde, benzene, etc.), harmless to human body, no stimulation, no stimulation to human body and respiratory system, is a green environmental protection product; you can also customize a variety of mixed mattress cotton according to the different needs of customers. Li Lingshen, vice president of China Textile Industry Federation and President of China Industrial Textile Industry Association Jet Rubber Cotton Manufacturers, said that in the context of the slowdown in the growth of the textile industry, the industry itself has shifted from simple organizational production orders to the promotion of endogenous power. The development of industrial textile industry is characterized by extending to high-end and new application areas, and continuously developing the incremental part on the basis of more refined industrial stock. The industrial textile industry has made important breakthroughs in the development of new products and made outstanding contributions. This year, the industrial textile industry has developed rapidly. In the first three quarters, the industrial added value of Enterprises above the scale of industrial textile industry in China increased by 10%, the main business income and total profit increased by 6.83% and 8.59%, respectively. The investment in fixed assets was basically equal to that of last year. With the promotion of national policies, needle-punched cotton in many key areas has ushered in a new peak of development without textiles. A product that directly needles fibers into flocs. Needle-punched cotton is widely used. In addition to clothing, the wall cloth used for interior decoration also uses needle-punched cotton as the base material.

Needle-punched cotton is divided into many kinds. In the past, needle-punched cotton was usually filled in the interlayer of clothing and apparel. Dr. Wu Jinlong, general manager of Jiangsu Changtai Nanomaterials Co., Ltd. invented a Dulaide multifunctional wall cloth with flame retardant, heat insulation, sound absorption, anti-bacterial, anti-mildew, anti-dust, water-proof, oil-proof and anti-static properties. The needle-punched cotton with the above functions is combined with jacquard, yarn-dyed and silk fabrics, which expands the needle-punched cotton into the field of wall cloth production.

Needle-punched cotton made of natural cotton, cashmere, wool, camel hair, hemp, bamboo, corn and soybean fibers is used as filler or base material. The product is soft, fluffy and breathable. It is close to our life. It can be used as filling material for clothing, clothing, cushion and household goods, as well as for interior wall decoration. Spray-gum cotton manufacturer

Needle-punched cotton has other uses, especially in industry.

The name of needle-punched cotton in industry is called needle-punched felt. Its characteristics are high density, thin thickness, hard texture, generally weighing about 500 grams, but the thickness is only 2-3 mm, because the use of different environments, can be divided into many kinds. For example, polyester needle-punched felt, which is the most widely used one, its cost is low, at room temperature use of a product. In addition, other industrial needle-punched felt is made of polypropylene, cyanamid, aramid, PPS, PTFE, glass fiber and a variety of fiber mixtures. Most of the products are made into filter bags, which are used in different places according to the environment, temperature resistance, dust removal efficiency and use.