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Solutions to Some Relevant Questions of Spray-gummed Cotton Manufacturers

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Solutions to Some Relevant Questions of Spray-gummed Cotton Manufacturers

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What is gum-sprayed cotton manufacturer?

Spray-bonded cotton is a pure polyester fiber synthesized by carding, spraying and ironing processes. It has the characteristics of warmth retention, tensile resistance, resilience, moisture resistance and water washing resistance. It is fluffy and soft, flat and crisp, and is an ideal filling material for all kinds of winter clothing, bedding and household appliances.

Why does gum-sprayed cotton keep warm?

Because sprayed cotton is not impregnated but sprayed with adhesives, and after spraying, it is no longer pressed and cured. Therefore, in the bonding state of the fibers, the intersection contacts are the majority, while the bridging and agglomeration by the binder are less, which makes the spray-bonded cotton have better warmth retention effect.

What kind of sprayed cotton has better quality?

The quality of synthetic fibers is determined by many performance indicators, including physical and mechanical performance indicators, stability performance indicators and processing performance indicators. For different production processes, the requirements of quality indicators are not identical. As far as the fibers used in spraying rubber cotton are concerned, the fibers are required to have fine size, high crimp number and crimp degree, and good cohesion between fibers. In this way, the product's bulkiness, compressive elasticity and elastic recovery rate are also high. Three-dimensional helical crimping is preferred at the beginning of crimping, and the product's bulkiness and elastic recovery rate are obviously better than those of flat wave crimping; high hollow ratio can give the product a higher warmth retention rate and a lower specific gravity; the types of spinning oils and the oil content and moisture regain of fibers not only affect the processing performance, but also improve the handle of the product and eliminate the production process. The electrostatic phenomenon also plays an important role. 1. Industrial spraying: The hard cotton produced by our company has been widely used in spraying. In the aspect of exhaust air, it has the characteristics of smaller resistance rate and larger dust capacity than ordinary filter cotton.

2. Wind turbines: to filter, sound insulation characteristics. Hard cotton has been well used in wind power generation equipment. The most important thing is its flame retardant.

3. Beverage food: The crude filter made by hard cotton technology shows the characteristics of dust-tolerant, easy to replace and easy to clean in the beverage and food industry.

Spray-gum cotton manufacturer


4. Central air conditioning, chemical pharmaceuticals, hardware and plastics, household appliances, mechanical and electrical equipment, precision instruments, airports, semiconductor factories, communications electronics, and other applications, with its high dust capacity, easy cleaning, easy to replace the characteristics of filter cotton can not be replaced.

5. Ventilation in hospitals, clean rooms and biopharmaceuticals: Activated carbon filter material developed by our company can be used in crude filter material to sterilize and deodorize.

6. Aquarium environmental protection filter material: In aquaculture, the products produced by hard cotton hot melt process can not be replaced by ordinary filter material. It can be repeatedly cleaned without the synthesis of other additives. Its material can be reused, so it is a real environmental protection product.

7. Building thermal insulation: In building thermal insulation, sound absorption rate is high, heat insulation and cold proof performance is good, structure is close, shape is stable, weight is very light, construction is safe and convenient, harmless to human body, no pollution to the environment, odorless, can be used twice, easy destruction, no secondary pollution to the environment. Rigid cotton has the function of organic antioxidant, which can make formaldehyde, dioxin and Freon harmless and kill harmful bacteria. This material is also regenerated fiber, which can be recycled. So it is environmentally friendly and can replace harmful thermal insulation materials such as glass fiber and sponge. The raw materials of the modified polyvinyl acetate spray-bonded cotton binder which can be made into flame retardant products are vinyl acetate (VAc), acrylic acid (AA), N-hydroxymethylacrylamide (N-HMAM), methyl methacrylate (MMA), butyl acrylate (BA), sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS), sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate (SDBS), 0S-15, sodium bisulfite (NaHSO 3), ammonium persulfate (APS).

By using core / shell emulsion polymerization process and redox catalysis system, adding a small amount of water resistant and cross-linked monomers, and adjusting the order of monomer addition, the water resistance and elasticity of the spray cotton adhesive are improved.

The synthesis process: Deionized water, OS-15 and some mixtures of NaHSO 3-APS, 1/4 of VAc and other monomers were put into the reactor. A suitable amount of disodium hydrogen phosphate was added to adjust the pH value to about 6. The temperature was slowly raised to 65 C. The reaction lasted for a period of time to form nucleosome. Then the remaining 3/4 mixtures were added, and NaHSO 3-APS solution was added continuously, synchronously in 2-3 hours. After adding monomer and NaHsSO3-APS solution, the temperature is raised to 75 C, the reaction time is 1 h, then the temperature is raised to 80 C, the temperature is kept for 30 minutes, then the temperature is lowered to below 50 C, and the pH value is adjusted to 6-7.

The optimum formula is as follows: VAc: 30 copies; AA: 0.9 copies; V-HMAM: 1.1 copies; MMA: 6 copies; BA: 2 copies; SDS 0.15-0.25 copies; SDBS, OS-15:0.5 copies; OP-10, APS: 0.2 copies; NaHSO 3: 0.1 copies; water 60 copies.

It has a good effect on improving the comprehensive performance of water absorption, elasticity, hand feeling and so on. The polymerization process is smooth with little reflux. The conversion of reaction is 95%~97%. The binder with 40% solid mass fraction and 6 mPa. s viscosity is suitable for spraying cotton.