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Material Selection of Spraying Cotton

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Material Selection of Spraying Cotton

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Material selection of sprayed cotton:

According to the forming principle of spray-bonded cotton structure, in order to obtain excellent physical and mechanical properties of spray-bonded cotton, it is necessary to study and select the fiber raw materials and adhesives, as well as the production process. Among them, the selection of fiber raw materials is more important.

The types and specifications of fibre raw materials play a decisive role in the quality of sprayed cotton products. According to the requirements of spray-gummed cotton in application, in order to achieve the characteristics of good warmth retention, good fluffy and soft handle, it is necessary to select the fiber size, length, crimp, cross-section shape and surface treatment state. As we all know, the quality of synthetic fibers is determined by many performance indicators, including physical and mechanical performance indicators, stability performance indicators and processing performance indicators. For different production processes, the requirements of quality indicators are not identical. As far as the fibers used in spraying rubber cotton are concerned, the fibers are required to have fine size, high crimp number and crimp degree, and good cohesion between fibers. In this way, the product's bulkiness, compressive elasticity and elastic recovery rate are also high. Three-dimensional helical crimping is preferred at the beginning of crimping, and the product's bulkiness and elastic recovery rate are obviously better than those of flat wave crimping; high hollow ratio can give the product a higher warmth retention rate and a lower specific gravity; the types of spinning oils and the oil content and moisture regain of fibers not only affect the processing performance, but also improve the handle of the product and eliminate the production process. The electrostatic phenomenon also plays an important role. The commonly used hollow spiral crimped polyester fibers are 6.6-7.7 decitex in fineness and 51-76 mm in length. This kind of fiber has better comprehensive performance. If the fiber is too thin or too long, it will produce a soft and stiff feel; if it is too short or too thick, it will feel rough and hard. The helical three-dimensional crimping is preferred, and the commonly used crimping number is 0.5-0.6/mm. If circular hollow fibers are used, the hollowness is better at 5-10%, and the handle, elasticity and warmth retention can be greatly improved. At the same time, the amount of fibers can be reduced accordingly. The down-like spun cotton can be produced by mixing 30-70% down-like fibers into conventional polyester fibers. The so-called down-like fiber, in fact, is a three-dimensional curled hollow polyester fiber treated with silicone oil. This kind of fiber is characterized by soft lubrication, non-tangled fibers, good fluffy. Therefore, the product can achieve elastic feet, smooth and fluffy handle, feather characteristics.

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