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Introduction of Spraying Cotton Manufacturer

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Introduction of Spraying Cotton Manufacturer

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Spray-bonded cotton, also known as spray-bonded flocculent cotton, is a kind of non-woven fabric. The principle of the structure formation of spray-bonded cotton is to spray the adhesives on both sides of the fluffy fiber layer. Because of the pressure during spraying and the suction of the lower vacuum suction, the adhesives can also be infiltrated into the inner of the fiber layer. After spraying the adhesives, the fiber layer is dried and cured, so that the junctions between the fibers are bonded, while the fibers that are not bonded to each other are still there. A considerable degree of freedom. At the same time, in the three-dimensional network structure, there are still many air voids. Therefore, the fibrous layer has a porous, high fluffy warming effect.

Spray-gummed cotton, also known as spray-flocculent cotton, is a kind of nonwovens, that is, space cotton or vacuum cotton. It is made of natural cotton fibers, man-made fibers or synthetic fibers by stretching, carding, spraying, baking and curing. Because of its fluffy, high compression resilience, dry resistance, wet washing, light weight and heat preservation, it has become an important material for processing and manufacturing cotton clothes and ski shirts, space suits and quilts, sleeping bags and other bedding and some industrial articles in recent years. Because the spraying cotton is sprayed, not impregnated with adhesives, and after spraying no longer under pressure of extrusion and curing. Therefore, in the bonding state of fibers, most of the intersection contacts, and less agglomeration by the binder bridge, which makes the sprayed cotton can keep loose, soft and warm.

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