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What are the differences between washed cotton and silk-like cotton?

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What are the differences between washed cotton and silk-like cotton?

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Brief Introduction to the Differential Performance and Application of Washed Cotton and Silk-like Cotton: Silk-like cotton fabric is unheard of, silk cotton is not a good thing, there is no need to imitate. Silk-like cotton is what kind of fabric is good? Silk fabric is soft and delicate, comfortable to wear, silk-like cotton fabric composition of 55% polyester 45% man-made cotton door width 145CM pigmentation process

1. Drainage board: Polyester non-woven fabric can be used to make filter membranes of drainage board for soft foundation treatment. It has the characteristics of high permeability, high tensile and compressive strength, and strong soil isolation.

2. Covered cloth: Polyester non-woven cloth can be used as material of house covering cloth and liner. It has the advantages of air permeability, moisture proof, long service life and energy saving. It can play the roles of wind proof, prying proof, mildew proof and heat preservation, and create a more dry, healthy and environmentally friendly living space for you.

3. Filtration material: Polyester nonwoven fabric can be used for gas and liquid filtration material. Because the fineness of the fiber can reach 0.75 d, it can get more uniform fiber distribution and better filtration effect.

4. Cable wrapping: Polyester non-woven fabric can be used as cable wrapping material. It has the advantages of high temperature resistance, long life and aging resistance. It has become the conventional wrapping material in the world cable industry.

5. Waterproof rolls: Polyester non-woven fabric can be used to make base tires of high-grade waterproof rolls such as SBS and app. It has the characteristics of high tensile strength, good elongation, excellent thermal stability, strong puncture resistance, corrosion resistance and aging resistance.

6. Agriculture and horticulture: Polyester non-woven fabric can be processed into vegetables, fruits and melons harvesting cloth, seedling-raising cloth, soil thermal insulation cloth, greenhouse curtain partition, fruit bagging, etc. It has the characteristics of good air permeability, good moisture permeability, moderate light transmittance, can promote crop growth, early maturity, more effective prevention of pest infestation. In addition, the finished product is ageing-resistant, can be used repeatedly and reduce costs.

7. Packaging materials: Polyester non-woven fabric has the characteristics of strong vertical and horizontal strength. It can be used for composite cement bags, luggage materials, various packaging substrates, etc.

8. Automotive interior decoration: polyester non-woven fabric is widely used in the production of automobile tufting carpet and other interior decoration, because of its environmental protection and pollution-free, so that the interior decoration of automobile is more beautiful and comfortable.

9. Silk-like cotton: silk-like cotton and goose-down cotton can be used for cold-proof clothing, high-grade down clothing, Simmons mattress, etc. It has the advantages of good fluffy degree, excellent warmth retention, light weight, strong anti-corrosion, mildew-free, moth-free and moisture-free, and can be washed as a whole.

Silk-like cotton is a relatively high-grade product of spray-gum cotton, which is also commonly called "silk cotton" in the market. What kind of fabric is silk-like cotton good? "Silk cotton" and "cotton" and "silk cotton" have this essential difference

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