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Introduction and Market Trend of Hot Melt Cotton

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Introduction and Market Trend of Hot Melt Cotton

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At present, the international economic environment tends to deteriorate. Hot-melt cotton is difficult to block the long-term development because of its staggered worries. The global economic depression of hot melt cotton has also made the butanone industry suffer from it. Although the short-term price and demand are in a shrinking state, in the long-term market development prospects, the main downstream products of butanone, adhesives and coatings, have great development prospects in the future, and butanone products still have a huge space to play. Hot-melt cotton first hot-melt cotton: GIA announced recently that the global adhesive market will reach 25.4 billion pounds in 2015, while the sealant market will reach 6.35 billion US dollars. The report shows that the market for adhesives and sealants is related to many factors, including economic conditions, GDP growth, consumer purchasing power, market in the terminal market and so on. As markets in developed countries have matured, in order to avoid the threat of falling spending and sales, most enterprises have begun to shift to developing countries that can provide sustained market demand. According to the new research market report, the sealant Market in the Asia-Pacific region is expected to reach 370,000 tons by 2015. Hot melt cotton in sealant, from 2009 and 2010, low VOC adhesives and green hot melt cotton sealants and other environmentally friendly adhesives have been developed. As a more environmentally friendly solvent, butanone still has a huge space to play. At present, the world's major adhesives suppliers include: 3M Company, Adhesives Research Company, Ashland Company, Akzo Nobel, BASF SE, Dow Automotive, Eastman Chemical Company, Hankow Company, Hansen Special Chemistry, Hensmith Polyurethane, ITW High Performance Polymer Consumption Department, PPG and so on. These companies will further expand their demand for environmentally friendly solvents in the future. Foam rubber. Also known as sponge rubber. Vulcanized rubber with spongy porous structure. There are opening, closing, mixing and microporous. It can be made into soft rubber or hard rubber products. It is light, soft, elastic and difficult to heat transfer. It has the functions of shock proof, shock mitigation, heat insulation and sound insulation. The synthetic rubber also has the characteristics of oil resistance, aging resistance and chemical resistance. Widely used in automotive, aircraft, chemical, daily necessities and other industries, as insulation, sound insulation, shock-proof materials, as well as making cushions, mattresses, medical machinery, health supplies, sports goods and so on. It can be made from raw rubber with foaming agent (such as ammonium carbonate, hot melt cotton, urea, azodiisobutyronitrile, etc.) or concentrated latex by stirring into air and vulcanizing.

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