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Hot Melt Adhesive Knowledge tells you - Hot Melt Adhesive Technology and Characteristics

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Hot Melt Adhesive Knowledge tells you - Hot Melt Adhesive Technology and Characteristics

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How to understand hot melt cotton technology?

Hot-melt cotton is a kind of liquid which melts hot-melt glue into hot-melt cotton by hot-melt machine. It is sent to the surface of the bonded material through the throat and spray gun of hot-melt glue machine. After the hot-melt glue is cooled, it can meet the requirements of carton sealing. Hard cotton overcomes the shortcomings of previous carton sealing forms.

What are the advantages of hot melt cotton bonding?

1. Fast, the whole bonding process of needle-punched cotton can be completed in only 1-3 seconds (even faster).

2. The use of tools occupies less space. For example, the shape of hot melt glue body is small, the spraying cotton is very convenient in a corner of the factory building, and the use of down cotton is also very convenient.

3. The cost of production per unit product is the lowest.

4. The bonding effect of hot melt adhesives is good, the bonding strength of pearl cotton is very high, and the overall strength of the bonded cartons is strengthened. The spraying cotton manufacturer makes the cartons not easy to deform and crack.

5. There is no waste disposal problem with hot melt adhesives. It meets the requirements of environmental protection and packaging for export products.

6. Hot-melt cotton has theft-proof function. It can cite whether the package has been opened without authorization.

7. Different spraying methods can be adjusted to identify and prevent counterfeiting.

What are the characteristics of hot melt cotton?

Hot melt cotton is a kind of polymer product without solvent, moisture content and 100% solid meltability. Pearl cotton manufacturer is solid at room temperature and melts to a certain extent into a flowable and viscous liquid binder. After melting, it becomes light brown translucent or original white.

The main components of hot-melt cotton include the copolymerization of vinyl acetate and ethylene at high pressure. The down cotton manufacturer compounds with tackifier, viscosity regulator and antioxidant to make hot-melt adhesive.

Secondly, hot melt adhesive is a 100% solid, which melts when heated, solidifies when exposed to air on a cold surface, and then completes in a few seconds. The main advantages compared with solvent and water-soluble formulations are as follows:

In a second, ensure efficient production.

No drying equipment is needed to save space.

3. Non-toxic, non-flammable and pollution-free for needle-punched cotton manufacturers.

Long-term storage, not deterioration.

 Hot melt cotton