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Technical Advantages of Hot Melt Quilt

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Technical Advantages of Hot Melt Quilt

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How to choose hot melt cotton:

With the gradual maturation of non-adhesive cotton technology, which is mainly used by hot-melt cotton, hot-rolled cotton, hard cotton, sprayed cotton, Pearl cotton, down cotton and needle-punched cotton factories, some special industries begin to equip large areas with new quilts. It is a kind of soft, warm and moisture-proof cotton, polyester and low melting point fibers formed after a certain technological process with a certain proportion. New hot-melt flocculants and quilts. Hot melt cotton quilt and hot melt cotton net yarn quilt, compared with hot melt cotton quilt, has the characteristics of uniform formation, fluffy and soft, moistureproof, strong compressive elasticity, good warmth retention, strong tensile strength, easy washing and quick drying, no rolling, no hole breaking, washable and durable. The manufacturing technology of hot melt quilt is a new kind of fiber processing technology which began to rise in the 1990s. It takes cotton, chemical fibers and low melting point hot melt cotton as the main raw materials. After the processing of key processes such as fiber carding, vermicular mesh and hot melt cotton, it makes elastic fibers cross-linked under the condition of low melting point hot melt heating and fusion. It also includes the production process of moisture-proof new hot-melt flocculent, which is favored by consumers because of its soft and warm cotton and fluffy chemical fibers. Because the core, quilt, mattress, mattress and mattress of hot melt series not only combine the characteristics of cotton, silk and other traditional natural materials, but also are a technological innovation. In today's society of advocating low-carbon environmental protection, there is a great prospect for development. Some domestic companies have been able to use hot melt technology maturely. Hot melt cotton products are produced. Haicheng Jinming Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. is chosen for hot melt cotton.

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