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Types of hot melt cotton

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Types of hot melt cotton

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Our company's needle-punched products: pure cotton floss, pure cotton non-woven cotton, degreased cotton floss, degreased cotton non-woven cotton, coloured cotton floss, coloured cotton non-woven cotton, polyester-cotton floss, wool floss, cashmere floss, camel floss, camel sundown, far-infrared cotton floss, negative ion cotton floss, anti-bacterial and odor-resistant cotton, cashmere non-woven cotton. Flame retardant cotton wadding, chemical fiber needle-punched cotton, pure cotton needle-punched cotton, degreased cotton needle-punched cotton, coloured cotton needle-punched cotton, far infrared needle-punched cotton, negative ion needle-punched cotton, wool needle-punched cotton, cashmere needle-punched cotton, camel hair needle-punched cotton, polyester-wool blended needle

Hot-melt series products: chemical fiber hot-melt cotton, pure cotton hot-melt cotton, color cotton hot-melt cotton, wool hot-melt cotton, cashmere hot-melt cotton, camel hair hot-melt cotton, polyester wool hot-melt cotton, polyester wool hot-melt cotton.

Other products: bleached cotton, hard cotton, pure cotton degreased cotton, flame retardant cotton flocculent, activated carbon cotton, carbon fiber flocculent, soybean protein cotton, corn fiber cotton, milk fiber cotton, flax cotton, melt-sprayed cotton, tent cotton, activated carbon sprayed cotton, non-adhesive cotton flocculent, cotton with carbon, 100% pure cotton sprayed cotton, chemical fiber sprayed cotton, PP cotton, sleeping bag cotton, bra bonded cotton, water-washed cotton, pine Cotton, Pearl cotton, slippery cotton, silk-like cotton, down-like cotton, silk cotton, aerospace cotton, metal cotton, aluminum foil cotton, space cotton, ironing cotton, quilt, cotton tyre, packing blanket and other products.

Products are mainly used for: cold-proof clothing, high-grade bedding, fur lining, space clothing mattress production, high-grade thermal underwear thermal layer, a variety of fibers produced in different proportions of mixed floccules and needle-punched cotton and other home textile bedding and clothing filling cotton. The company also supplies the same products of the above products: hot melt cotton, chemical fiber cotton, sprayed cotton.

Hot melt cotton