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The difference between hollow cotton and hot melt cotton

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The difference between hollow cotton and hot melt cotton

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Hollow cotton: a kind of high-warmth cotton product, which is made of high-quality polyester and three-dimensional crimp hollow fibers with excellent properties, U-type hollow fibers and ES fibers, is processed and processed. The raw material of the fiber is polyester.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: Hollow cotton has good elasticity. It has good fluffy property, good warmth and air permeability, good shape retention under pressure, anti-knot deformation, light weight, strong tensile resistance, water washing resistance, moth-proof, moisture-proof and mildew-proof. The warmth retention rate is over 60% higher than that of cotton fiber, and the service life is more than three times longer.

Disadvantage: It is easy to deform and agglomerate after long use, lack of elasticity and uneven pillow, especially the inferior chemical fiber pillow produced by some small manufacturers, some of which have black core cotton. Therefore, it is suggested that when you choose pillows, you should try to choose well-known brands with better elasticity, and not be eager to choose cheap, deformable and inferior chemical fiber pillows.

Hot melt cotton, also known as non-glue cotton, is one of the non-woven fabrics. It is a high-grade material for cushion filling, warmth retention, sound absorption and filtering materials. It has the characteristics of good air permeability, good warmth retention, light weight, strong resilience, aging resistance, water washing resistance and mildew resistance. Polyester fibers are not made of cotton in real sense. At present, it is a new material widely used in the world, and it is also a renewal product of gum-sprayed cotton and sponge. It can be used for mattress, cushion, tatami, sofa cushion, bra, quilt, sleeping bag, bedspread, gloves, footwear, soft sound-absorbing material, air filter material, roof insulation, wall insulation, car roof, battery insulation, etc.

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